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After getting my first mobile journalism training, I said goodbye to my newsroom editors. I have given similar Mojo trainings to journalists at Samaa TV and started Pakistan's first online news show called 'News Party', on Samaa TV's facebook page. After being stationed in the U.S.A. as foreign correspondent, today I make all my packages and news stories using mobile journalism tools. I have also launched my own project 'America in Urdu' online program.
Yasir Feroz Silat
News Reporter - US, Chicago
After attending the Mojo Pakistan training on ‘Election and Digital Journalism’, I learned to produce original digital content independently. This includes filming, editing and producing news packages and stories with my smartphone. I have made several documentaries and
Talk shows using mobile journalism tools and
Shere Azam Baloch
Reporter - VSH News Pakistan
I have learned MOJO during election training course at IBA and yes I have tried to implement MOJO in my professional life used in various sliders for Facebook and website etc. I would like to get more expertise in MOJO so that I could be able to shot short documentaries and short films. Would like to generate valued content through my expertise in MOJO. Would Like to use for creating my own studio and newsroom as well.
Fahmidah Yousfi
Content Editor Rava.pk
I have learn about the MOJO and hand-zone practice in Workshop in Center of Excellence of Journalism at IBA by Respectable Sir Ayaz Imtiaz in 2017, After Learning I Use Mobile phone as content creation device and then able to make my own video stories independently, and now i am able to produce stories in any situation like breaking situation or suddenly act and make videos over the other issues.
Riaz Jawed Iqbal Siddiqui
News Reporter - US, Chicago
The training I attended which was conducted by Mr Ayaz Khan was very fruitful. Before attending the training I always use to carry my DSLR camera and it required accessories. Now I just carry my MOJO kit which includes a cell phone, mic and a tripod, plus I don’t have to go back to work and drop the footage and do the editing bit, now I have become a remote journalist I don’t need to carry bulky equipment or laptop. I can do everything on the go without any hassle. This is because of the great training and tips I received from Mr Khan. I recommend every experienced and aspiring journalist to take training from him. I can say Mr Ayaz is the pioneer of MOJO in Pakistan.
Hussain Afzal
Business Recorder/ Manager Interactive

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