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MP-02 The second module covers everything that you need to create amazing multi Camera Mobile live stream and post productions. You’ll learn which devices, apps and support gear best suit for your projects,  how to add titles & graphics, and setting up of professional WebTV by using only Single Laptop /Desktop and Mobile phones.

  • Multi mobile camera live and post production method and tools.
  • Setup Video Switcher on Desktop or Laptop, whatever you have.
  • Multi camera Setup on Mobile and Tablet. etc
  • How to Streaming to Web, Facebook, and YouTube.

Introduction /Overview of Course/Course Expectation

Multi-Camera Production fundamentals

  • Equipment overview
  • Production check list
  • Multi-Camera setup for various projects
  • Overview of the best Mobile Applications for Filming and Editing for Android and IOS platforms.
  • Overview of the best application and Software for Multi Mobile Camera Production.

Overview of the best Mobile Gears and Tools, like Mic, Grips, Lenses, Lights and about the mandatory Kits for Video Content Creators. and what are the alternatives?

  • Multi Camera Angles- Types of Shots, Rule of Framing.
  • Multi-Camera Production fundamentals
  • Equipment overview
  • Production check list
  • Multi-Camera setup for various projects
  • Advanced Mobile Camera setup
  • Create a Laptop/Desktop Video Switcher with Multi Mobile Cameras for Live and post Production
  • Mobile/ iPad Switcher with Multi Mobile Cameras for Live Production
  • Adding lower thirds, graphics and video clips to you project
  • How to create multi window (2-3-4-5 Windows) talk show  in your laptop with mobile Cameras.
  • Camera audio settings and recording.
  • Using different microphones together (Shotgun, Omni, Cardiod, etc.)
  • Microphone placement and control.
  • Importing and Synchronizing your footage
  • Creating Multi-Camera Projects in Mobile Apps
  • Audio and Video channel settings
  • Multi-Cam Editing
  • Colour correction and matching clips

How to add Urdu and English Scrolling Ticker

How to use Chroma Key in live and post Production.

  • Gear for livestreaming.
  • Live on Facebook.
  • Live video quality.
  • Live demo.

Battery backup & Storage  Solutions during Filming and Editing.

Storage and Backup Solutions





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