Mobile Journalism is an Emerging trend in News Gathering and Storytelling

Everyone in the world today, armed with nothing more than a smartphone can record, edit, and broadcast news in multiple formats. Mobile Journalism (MOJO) allows everyone to assume the role of a cameraman, editor, producer and publisher of news.

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Cellphones have been around for 30 years now. Initially they were just mobile communication devices, however, advancements over the past decade have transformed them into amazing global tools of interaction, reporting and learning. Today, 70% of Pakistanis (roughly 146 million people) are cell phone users. Nearly a third of them, an estimated 49 million people, are connected to the internet – mostly on their smartphones. 

The primary use of smartphones is to consume digitally produced content. There is also high interest in creating content and sharing it on various social media platforms.
Smartphones are avenues for people share their unique stories, from a personal perspective. MOJO trainings harness the power of smartphones to tell stories that are deeply personal and local, using cutting-edge digital tools and resources.

Traditional journalists have to go through a host of rigors when reporting – from the laborious information gathering to create content packages, followed by editing and then handing it over to “specialists” for publishing or broadcasting. Many of these processes are cumbersome and time-consuming, not to mention location dependent. They also often involve several layers of editing, as well as large and expensive crews for producing and sharing the content.

Mobile Journalism (MOJO), on the other hand, liberates the storyteller from all these constraints. It puts the power of recording, producing and publishing content in the hands of individuals and most importantly, makes them independent of location and specialists – making the entire process cost-effective and instantaneous.

Today, the power to tell a story fits into our pockets while maintaining the standards and ethics of traditional journalism.

Training will help professional journalists, storytellers, activists, and ordinary citizens to turn their smartphones into powerful storytelling devices. It will free them from expensive tools and specialists to build their abilities for storytelling and allows them to directly reach audiences. It also provides a step-by-step and hands-on guide of Mobile Journalism (MOJO) reporting and production methods.

This training is for anyone interested in harnessing the power of smartphones to tell stories that are deeply personal and local, using cutting-edge digital tools and resources. The training helps professional journalists, storytellers, activists, and ordinary citizens to produce high-quality audio or video stories. It enables users to become proficient in mobile journalism for both Apple and Android devices, including phones and tablets.


  • Understanding the Mobile Journalism and Mobile Film Revolution.
  • Photographs and learn how to use picture composition.
  • Use recorded audio and photographs to create a slideshow.
  • Best practices for producing, filming, and editing video.
  • How to use the Native Camera app and Filmic Pro app to capture broadcast-quality video.
  • How to develop a video story from start to finish- Moving from User-Generated Content (UGC) to User-Generated Stories (UGS).
  • Master Storyboarding techniques and story forms.
  • The Elements of MoJo Quick storytelling.
  • Produce a portfolio of videos with practical projects.
  • Develop in-depth interviewing techniques that deliver great results.
  • How to edit a video on a mobile device for quick publishing.
  • The basics and professional editing on multi layers supported mobile editing applications.
  • How to deliver for a polished, professional look to your stories.
  • Live for social media and newsroom
  • Multi mobile camera live and post production method and tools.
  • The secrets to creating social video that resonates with a mobile audience!


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